Currently, a region event is scoped to a specific “region”. The definition is loosely tied to a Balancing Authority (BA), a municipal entity that controls the flow of energy in an area that could span multiple states, or just a part of one state. The currently supported BAs are:

  • ISONE (New England)
  • NYISO (New York)
  • PJM (PA, NJ, OH, VA, and some of WV, NC, KY, IN, IL, MI)
  • IESO (Ontario)
  • MISO (Mid-continent stretch from TX to Manitoba)
  • CAISO (California and some surrounding areas)
  • SPP (Most of ND, SD, NE, KS, MS, OK, and some surrounding areas)
  • BPA (Washington)

For more information on the other balancing authorities, take a look at the EIA’s page on them.

These regions will have the richest amount of events. We also have historical information on the 2019 plant emissions for all US-based energy plants that are part of ADMP. The regions for those can be found as “USA.(2 letter state code)”, for any state (e.g. USA.SC for all South Carolina based plants) and raw.plant_operation is the event_type.

We also have similar data that reports the plant generation for most plants in the US. The 2019 EIA 923 data is available. The regions for the plants are “USA.(2 letter state code)” and the data is a monthly summary recorded at the first hour of every month. E.g. to get January’s summary, request the data for Jan 1, 2019 at midnight UTC.